Join us on our entrepreneurial journey!

Inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to ensure a bright future. We believe in building the human capital and this is just the first step.

48 Startups
240 Volunteers
3000 Attendees
PKR 300,000 Prize Money

148 Startups
500 Volunteers
20,000 Attendees
PKR 600,000 Prize Money

178 Startups
700 Volunteers
25,000 Attendees
PKR 900,000 Prize Money








With the vision to develop entrepreneurial potential of Pakistan, an initiative that started off as the “Entrepreneurial Revolutionary Program” by Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University, in no time turned into Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) – a university wide initiative with the mission to nurture entrepreneurial mindset and set the foundation for the emerging economic wave – the entrepreneurial revolution, to take over Pakistan.

2016: Superior Technoprenuerial Expo started under the umbrella of CMACED with the mission to open up new economic horizons for future entrepreneurs.

2017: Superior Entrepreneurial Expo expands its horizons to many other verticals including technology.

2018: Superior Entrepreneurial Expo invites national participation and international speakers to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Superior Entrepreneurial Expo (SEE) is an event where we showcase the emerging startups and upcoming entrepreneurial generation of Pakistan to the world.

Startups of all verticals from across Pakistan are called upon to exhibit their products while the big names from the entrepreneurial community, multiple industrial backgrounds and investors’ circle from both Pakistan and abroad are invited to share their experiences, their stories of hard work and wisdom with the aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a part of panel talks, various burning issues faced by Pakistani entrepreneurs today and ways to overcome them are discussed. The event culminates in the best startups being rewarded with prize money.