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August 2018

Learn How Entrepreneurship NOW Is Better Than Before

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You’ve always spoken for the betterment of Pakistan but would you avail the biggest opportunity to be the reason to a better Pakistan? Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018, hosted by The Superior Group, has opened its doors to a platform where 200 distinct talents are to destined meet success in front of an audience of over 20,000. With 60 entrepreneurial experts in the form of judges, mentors, panelists, and investors, the venue is lighted up with success stories and unlimited opportunities.

Renowned entrepreneurs from around the globe gathered on this platform to make the panel dialogue happen. The theme of the panel dialogue “Entrepreneurship NOW” has highlighted opportunities for those who are ready to make a difference in Pakistan. The letters of this theme hold immense significance as they focus on:

Networking with renowned entrepreneurs
pportunities for entrepreneurs
omen Empowerment by means of entrepreneurship

Choose your pick!

If you are interested to know more on “Blurring Boundaries through Networking”, then Sushil Ram – Programme Manager, The Commonwealth Secretariat; Alicia Dean- Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant, City of Austin; Jehan Ara – The Big Bird, The Nest I/O were speakers and Talaal Burny- Manager Startup Ecosystem & External Relations, Careem are ready to help you direct you towards bridging the gap between successful and budding entrepreneurs. The ideology that this panel represents is related to networks being an important source for making a startup successful.

The panel on “Decoding Investments” is spreading awareness on what investors look for in an entrepreneur to invest. Abdul Rehman Talat – Founder & CEO, BluEast and Marketing Director, Orient Group of Companies; Faisal Sherjan – Executive Director, National Incubation Center, Lahore; Rabeel Warraich – Founder and CEO, Sarmaycar and Farrukh Khan – Chief of Party, USAID SMEA and Javeria Khan, Executive Director, TIE have explained all this.

Pakistani women entrepreneurs have much to share at the panel of “Women in Startups and Entrepreneurship (WISE)”. Dr. Shehla Javed Akram – President Women Chamber of Commerce, Islamabad; Erum Masood – Advisor Network Marketing & PR Consultant, The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network; Sumaira Abassi – Manager, WeCreate; Zarish Amjad – CEO, AmcoITSystems, and Masooma Sibtain – Chairperson, Standing Committee on Women Economic Reforms have become your voice at Entrepreneurial Expo, girls.

To discuss the state of Fintechs in Pakistan, Syed Tasawar Hussain, Head of Business, Avanza Premier Payment Service and Umair Yousuf, Head of Strategy, JazzCash have shared information about online transactions and e-payments along with Sana Mela, Founder, Perspective.pk. Think about all you can learn from them, Startups.

Meet your ideal entrepreneurs

You would have often found yourself asking the question “How do they get so much success?” Stop thinking and do something extraordinary to become the reason somebody else asks this question while looking at you. Read more on Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018 – the hub of following entrepreneurs shedding light on their success stories and inspiring you more than you already are.


The Commonwealth Conducts Entrepreneurship Policy Dialogue for Asia Region

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A big step was taken towards the acceleration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan at the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018, held at Expo Center, Lahore. This event brought together the industrial sector and academia of Pakistan on one platform and was marked by the presence of a number of notables from Pakistan and abroad.

The Commonwealth Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship for Asia Region in collaboration with Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication was a major highlight of the event. It was the first time in its history that The Commonwealth held a policy dialogue in Pakistan on the pressing issue of uplifting the entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

 Driven by Nabeel Qadeer, Chief Innovation Officer The Superior Group; Lead, content Producer and Host Idea Croron Ka – Pakistan’s premiere startup reality show, and Co-founder Innovation District 92, The Commonwealth policy dialogue roped in delegates from across the globe and the IT industry of Pakistan.

Delegates participating in the dialogue

  • Arif Zaman – Executive Director, The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network;
  • Sushil Ram – Programme Manager, The Commonwealth Secretariat;
  • Kishva Ambigapathy – Chairman, The Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Youth Innovation Hub;
  • Alicia Dean – Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant, City of Austin;
  • Jehan Ara – Longest serving president of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA);
  • Syed Ahmad – Member National Steering Committee, National Center of Artificial Intelligence;
  • Qasif Shahid – Cofounder and CEO FINJA;
  • Jamil Goheer – Co-founder Kualitatum;
  • Saad Fazil- CEO VentureDive;
  • Badar Khushnood – Cofounder Bramerz;
  • Zaeem Yaqoob – Executive Director Student Affairs and External Relations, Beaconhouse National University;
  • Adnan Shahid – CMO PTCL;
  • Bashir Sheikh – Co-founder and Co-CEO Inov8 Ltd.
  • Faizan Mahmood – General Manager Innovation, The Superior Group;
  • Abeer Saqib – Manager Business Analysis and Intelligence, The Superior Group.

What this dialogue brought at the forefront

The discussion revolved around:

  • Facilitating the up-and-coming entrepreneurs to reach out to industrialists at a national level;
  • Developing a positive outlook of Pakistan at a global level that is otherwise distorted from security perspectives;
  • Signifying the youngest populated country in Asia;
  • Tapping the hidden youth potential of Pakistan;

Issues under the spotlight at the Policy Dialogue

Nabeel Qadeer also put forth the current issues being faced by the aspiring entrepreneurs of Pakistan. He concluded the dialogue by proposing to strategize our collective efforts by:

  • Setting up a center at Innovation District 92 (backed by The Superior Group) to provide a single and unified platform for all stakeholders to engage in workshops where networking will be promoted among stakeholders.
  • Developing a national plan with full government engagement in the plan to promote youth.
  • Pitching initiatives at an international level.
  • Technical assistance to be provided by The Commonwealth for effective policymaking at the government level.
  • Ensuring a policy for entrepreneurs at the national level that is owned by each stakeholder thus contributing towards the fulfillment of said purpose.

With The Commonwealth extending its hands, Pakistan looks forward to better opportunities leading to a promising future of its entrepreneurs.

Investing in a successful Pakistan with Idea Croron Ka, Season 3

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Dazzling fireworks lightened up the main stage on Saturday, 11th August 2018 at Expo Center, Lahore. Those who could not come to the event missed this grand scene. It was time to reveal logo for Season 3, Idea Croron ka – Pakistan’s premier startup reality show.

The stars of the show made this moment brighter. These were Nabeel A. Qadeer – Chief Innovation Officer The Superior Group; Lead, Host and Content Producer Idea Croron Ka, Cofounder Innovation District 92, Dr. Sumaira Rehman – Director CMACED, Rector, Superior University and Co-Founder, Innovation District 92 and Prof. Dr.Chaudhry Abdul Rehman – Chairman, The Superior Group.

If you are wondering who else stood tall with them then know that some very prominent industrialists and academicians were standing tall with them. These include Mr. Idris bin Jusoh – Former Education Minister, Malaysia; Dr. Nizammudin – Chairman, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC); Dr. Muhammad Azam Roomi – Vice Dean Faculty and Research and Vice Dean Executive Education, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship; Alicia Dean – Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant, City of Austin, Texas; Sushil Ram – Programme Manager, The Commonwealth Secretariat; Arif Zaman – Executive Director, The Commonwealth Business Women Network; Kishva Ambigapathy – Chairman, The Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub; Jehan Ara – The Big Bird, The Nest I/O; Syed Ahmad – CEO, DPLIT.

Another intriguing part of this segment was the two hours of live telethon held. This featured investors and guests of the show such as Faisal Sherjan – Executive Director, National Incubation Center LahoreQasif Shahid – CEO FINJA, Bashir Sheikh – Co-CEO, Inov8 Limited; Rabeel Warraich – Founder and CEO, Sarmayacar and Adnan Farooq – Fitness & Programming Consultant at Shapes Active LifeStyle.

Prof.Dr.Chaudhry Abdul Rehman discussed the philosophy behind the show by stating that “Through Idea Croron Ka, we had to show the youth that Pakistan has new heroes – the entrepreneurs, who have the potential to make Pakistan an economically superior Pakistan. It is them who have created an impact in people’s lives and have boosted the indicators of the economy of Pakistan. It is our duty to direct our youth and this can only be done through education. The more aware they become, the more we will all progress in the society.”

Idea Croron Ka has impressed people beyond borders. After an immense success in the first two seasons USAID Pakistan SMEA, Facebook, Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum, Circle Women, Teknofest Istanbul and Turkish Airlines Invest on Board airing Idea Croron Ka the first show in the history of Pakistan during flight have partnered with the show.

This year Idea Croron Ka is different than before as it is being co-branded with Sprite. This brand knows the real worth of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Their belief in the show has overwhelmed those who have ideas and want to make themselves stand out in the world!

Watch Idea Croron Ka, Season 3 at NeoTV.com and get yourself a boost to create a difference.